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Queen City Bookstore

The Queen City Comic Books app was created as a solution to the store’s growing needs. The app offers new sales every week and users can send in comic orders for store pickup. Users can also see new store events as well as the Queen City Bookstore Facebook feed. With hundreds of downloads this app has brought great value to the store and its customers.

"To make a long story short, I was impressed to see how nice and efficient the Mogabi created App works for Queen City Bookstore App functions. It has allowed us to grow our business in ways I never had imagined. I highly recommend this company over many in Western New York."

- Emil Novak, CEO Queen City Bookstore, Inc.

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Wingy Piggy

Wingy Piggy is a mobile game designed as an example for our business customers. With simple gameplay and a friendly design, Wingy Piggy is enjoyed by people of all ages.